What We Offer

Application Planning

To build your dream app you just need an idea. Our experienced team will help you develop a successful plan. Never underestimate the importance of the planning phase.

Graphic Design & UX

Building an app is not enough. Unless your mobile app delivers great user experince user will not use it. We ensure that your app looks great without sacrificing usability.

Development & Testing

Based on the comprehensive plan and UX/graphic design our team will develop a mobile app that looks and behaves exactly as planned.

Publishing & Maintenance

You will not have to deal with application marketplaces, digital certificates or application signing procedures. We do the dirty work :)

Why Work with ITX?

Customer-oriented Company

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. All of our workflows and processes are tailored towards our customers. Working with ITX is a sheer pleasure.

Results-oriented Team

Action speaks louder than words but only action is not enough. At the end of the day it's results what matters the most. With ITX you get expected results. Period.

Experince to Deliver

With ITX you can work with confidence. Our team has everything that is necessary to deliver a world class mobile application. Failure is not an option.

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